Affordable and Luxurious Florida Rentals


Comfort and luxury do not have to be expensive…..


After relocating to Florida, buying a home, and loosing my job….I have started sharing my home with vacationers who enjoy spending time in Florida, but maintain their permanent residence elsewhere….in US, Canada and Europe.One year later, couple of friends have asked me to the same with their homes….,and I have added two more condos and a house to the list.It is my mission…and my goal…to have all our guests return back for more fun, relaxation, and more enjoyable times. ~ Klara

Another Great Referral for BeachWay

 April 26, 2013
Dear Ms. Feltl,
Barbara and I wish to thank you for all of your help during our recent three month rental of your BeachWay condo unit.  
Not only were we pleased with the support you provided throughout our tenancy, but we were also extremely satisfied with the quality of the unit and its furnishings.  We enjoyed being in a comfortable home and yet so near the beaches and parks of southern Pinellas county.  The pool and clubhouse were terrific.
We have rented for the past four winters in the same area of Florida.  Quite frankly though, this unit was offered at a lower price with nicer accommodations.  It also did not go un-noticed that any problems we may have had were addressed immediately.
Thanks again for all your help. 
Terry & Barbara Thomas
Scaly Mountain, NC


All inquiries  are welcome!


Klara Feltl at



2 Responses to Affordable and Luxurious Florida Rentals

  1. Jeanne Perkins says:

    Looking to rent a Beachway condo for months of Feb and March, are then any available ?

    • Hello Jenne,

      The condo is not available in February and March. It is available in January.
      The house with the fenced backyard is available from February 6 until the end of March. The house is in the same location.
      I can be reached at 919-649-4086.
      Thank you.


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